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A Guide to Parking Lot Car Accidents You will get information regarding the do’s and don’ts after a car accident in a car park. This way, you will not break the law while protecting your finances at the same time. Believe it or not, 1 in every 5 accidents happening are in parking lots? And even though most of them are just minor fender bender complaints, it is essential for the drivers to know how they have to handle this situation but some are not and thus, wondering if they should report it to police, inform their insurer and so forth. There are lots of questions running on their minds that involve such accidents. Basically, parking lots have unique set of right of way guidelines and owned by a private party, making them different from other car accidents. Below are the different types of insurance to be considered in cases of parking lot accident.
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Number 1. Insurance cover – and due to the reason that parking lots are deemed as private property, all accidents that have occurred here will be under preview of special type of insurance policy, which is referred as collision insurance. Whether you’re the one at fault or not, this policy is what will keep you covered. If you’re the one at fault, your insurer is going to pay for the damages you made. And if you are the one at fault, you could file for claims, which is seeking for reimbursement for repair costs. But prior to the disbursement of payment, your insurer will need to investigate first on what had happened and at the same time, to who was at fault. And according to their findings, it is where the amount of your compensation will fall.
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Number 2. Determination of fault – there’s set of rules in order to determine who’s the person at fault when car accident happened in parking lot. For instance, some rules are universal if you hit another car from behind, you are the one at fault. Some are applied only to parking scenarios and as an example, when you violated the right of way guidelines for automobiles entering bigger paths from feeder lines or when you overlook a stop sign and hit another car at the back. Number 3. Car insurance premium – you need to pay for higher premium if your insurance provider has found out that you are the one at fault for the parking lot car accident. However, you could actually bypass this rate in the event that your policy includes accident forgiveness clause and if that’s applicable to the accident you are in. Taking note of legal ramifications of the accident is important regardless of where it took place.